Voyage Performance

Empower your crew with on-the-spot weather insights and joint onshore/onboard decisions.

With s-Suite, the crew onboard and the vessel operator can maximize the financial result of the voyage by making joint decisions in terms of time and fuel. StormGeo’s End of Voyage analysts give you accurate unbiased speed and consumption calculations on the basis of vessel capability and Charter Party warranty.

Key benefits

Optimized cost management

Optimize time and fuel efficiency and maximize voyage profits through IMO approved severe motion alerts, accurate weather and ocean data and expert route advisory. ROI reports precisely document your cost savings.

Top-class weather intelligence

Our weather intelligence, rated the best in the industry, combines high-quality data, route analysts and fleet performance experts to support your decision-making.

Instant documentation access on board

Select, buy, update and renew books, publications and charts immediately. The system provides updates automatically and creates change logs so you don’t waste time at port due to incorrect documentation.

Featured products

s-Routing | Classic Routing

StormGeo's expert Route Analysts factor in your vessel specifications and environmental conditions to identify the most cost-effective, sustainable and safe route.

s-Routing | Voyage Optimization

Manage total voyage cost both pre-voyage and en route, while quickly incorporating changes in the market and/or Required Time of Arrival.

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s-Routing | Strategic Power Routing

Maintain constant power, optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions by adjusting RPM based on track and weather forecast.

s-Routing | Voyage Report

Objectively document ship performance relative to the terms of the Charter Party through independent environmental data.

s-Insight | Log

Keep track of event and snapshot data, incorporating manual and automatic aggregate crew and vessel insights into one data stream.

s-Insight | Commercial

Get a complete overview of your entire fleet independent of hardware, including fuel and time information you can act on immediately.

s-Insight | Bunker

Streamline planning and procurement by managing the entire bunker workflow from a single view, with the most accurate market insights and full control over your data.

s-Planner | Charts

Quickly select, buy, update and renew the Electronic Navigational Charts you need. Optimize your route for least fuel, least cost, required arrival time or least time. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of UKHO's ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

s-Planner | Publications

Get immediate access to an up-to-date digital publications library. Eliminate physical publication shipments and upload or share documents with a vessel or your entire fleet. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of UKHO's ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

Odfjell vessel at sea Credit Frank Kleppe Odfjell 3000

Ten Years of Weather Routing with StormGeo

"In the end, it's about getting experts together to ensure that all aspects of route planning are taken into consideration: our Captains, supported by a team of oceanographers and meteorologists, all followed up by a dedicated Odfjell team onshore who also liaise with the ship manager and ship operator."
–Erik Hjortland, VP Technology, Odfjell

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Fuel and emissions saved with StormGeo *weather routing

2018 - today

Cars Sustainability MT fuel saved
House Lightbulb Sustainability MT CO2 saved

*This figure assumes an average 2.5% fuel reduction by weather routing (GloMEEP, [no date]; ICCT, 2011), 3:1 CO2 to fuel savings (Krantz, 2016), a fuel consumption of 30 MT per day and average speed of 12.5 kn per hour, and using annual averages of distance, days and fuel consumption per route.