Svein Inge Andersen

Svein Inge Andersen

Senior Meteorologist and Head of Products, Weather Insights, Bergen

An expert in weather risk assessment, Svein Inge is a Senior Meteorologist with a multi-role background and long track record within StormGeo. As StormGeo’s expert on Arctic weather challenges, he has successfully lead several major client projects that faced extreme conditions, each with their own complex challenges.

Svein Inge's Story

“I want our customers to see me as their pain relief for weather related challenges.”

Svein Inge’s experience with communicating weather goes back to 1995, when he worked as a weather anchor for TV2 in Norway. “Being recruited for the job whilst taking my first course in meteorology, I think my path was sealed by faith, but I have never once regretted it.” After receiving his Masters in Meteorology from the University of Bergen in 2001, he joined StormGeo full-time as a forecaster and broadcast technical manager, becoming responsible for the weather production delivered to TV2. This was a time when TV-weather was being revolutionized by digital weather software and increasing computer power.

In 2004, StormGeo partnered with VizRT, a graphical software company, to develop new weather software for TV, known as VizWeather. Svein Inge managed this partnership, implementing the software for current clients as well as to new markets and TV networks all over the world.

In 2009, Svein Inge became VP of Media at StormGeo, launching — a weather service that garnered thousands of users within just one year — in partnership with TV2.

Svein Inge then joined the StormGeo Oil and Gas team in 2012, focusing on the growing exploration occurring in the Arctic. This led him to become the project head for a challenging operation in the Kara Sea — where a high density of ice required the delivery of ice management and an environmental risk system. He was responsible for the integration of all data sources and StormGeo's 24/7 Operation Center in Moscow.

From 2016–2017, Svein Inge led the delivery of Metocean support to client Alcatel, which was installing an Arctic cable around Alaska.

Since 2017, Svein Inge has been project lead in MULDIARCOS — a European Space Agency-funded project in which StormGeo, Kongsberg Satellite Services and Viking Supply Ships are developing a system that will bridge Metocean and SAR data. This will create an innovative platform for Ice Management and Arctic Decision Support that will greatly benefit all Arctic operations.


  • Weather Observation and Forecasting
  • Weather Graphics Visualization
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management
  • Arctic Operations.


Svein Inge holds a Masters in Meteorology from the University of Bergen.