• Pacific Typhoon Season Forecast 2023
Typhoon over planet Earth
Updated May 2023

Pacific Typhoon Season Forecast 2023

Outlook for the 2023 Northwest Pacific Typhoon Season

The 2022 typhoon season featured fewer typhoons than normal, but even a quiet season in the West Pacific typically has several significant typhoon impacts. Half of the ten typhoons that formed last season struck land.  The strongest typhoon impact was from Typhoon Noru, which struck southern Luzon in late September then tracked west to Vietnam. The West Pacific has been relatively quiet so far this season, with only a weak, short-lived Tropical Storm Sanvu earlier in April.

Some of the factors that StormGeo's Typhoon and Long-Range Forecasters evaluated to determine this forecast include:

  • Whether there will be an El Nino or La Nina in the Pacific
  • A positive phase in the Indian Ocean Dipole

Continue reading this forecast for an in-depth analysis of the current signals and long-range patterns. The forecast also looks at major risk areas and how many storms may develop this season.

Get the details on the latest forecast outlook for the 2023 Northwest Pacific Typhoon Season.
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