• Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast 2023
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Updated May 2023

Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast 2023

Outlook for the 2023 Hurricane Season

The 2022 hurricane season ended with a total of 14 named storms, 8 of which became hurricanes and 2 that became intense hurricanes. That total was fewer than had been predicted, based on the continuing La Niña and what appeared to be a generally favorable environment prior to the start of the season.

The 2022 season taught everyone that there is still much to be learned concerning the long-range prediction of seasonal hurricane activity. Although we predicted too many named storms last season, we did correctly predict the two prime areas to be significantly impacted – the southeast U.S. (Ian and Nicole struck Florida) and the northeast Caribbean (Fiona struck Puerto Rico). 

The forecast update includes a change in the number of named storms and risk areas. Some of the factors that StormGeo's Hurricane and Long-Range Forecasters evaluated to determine this change include:

  • The strength of possible return of El Nino
  • Water temperatures across the Pacific
  • Analog seasons

Continue reading this forecast for an in-depth analysis of the current signals and long-range patterns. The forecast also looks at major risk areas and how many storms may develop this season.

Get the details on the latest forecast outlook for the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Only have time for a quick glance? Check out our Atlantic Hurricane Season Risk Map, which shows risk areas for impact and the predicted number of storms by intensity.

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