• StormGeo Launches Cloud-based Weather Graphics Platform—StormGeo Studio

StormGeo Launches Cloud-based Weather Graphics Platform—StormGeo Studio

Apr 2, 2020

StormGeo Studio offers weather intelligence and adaptive graphics are combined into one cloud-based solution, providing expert weather content to media companies of all sizes

Bergen, Norway, April 2, 2020 – StormGeo, a world-leading provider of weather intelligence and decision support services, today announced the launch of StormGeo Studio, a cloud-based weather forecasting platform for the media industry.

By utilizing Singular.Live, an award-winning Intelligent Overlay graphics platform, StormGeo developed StormGeo Studio into a hybrid infrastructure that seamlessly integrates a variety of media workflows including broadcast, post, animation, news, and live events. Media companies and digital publishers can leverage Singular.Live’s scalable cloud platform while accessing StormGeo’s global weather intelligence and tools to create custom, flexible weather graphics.

Ragnvald Moberg, StormGeo Vice President of Media, said of the launch, “One of the biggest benefits to our media clients is that StormGeo Studio removes the need for significant up-front investments by implementing a more cost-controlled, pay-as-you-go structure.”

Leslie Kajomovitz, Product Manager Consultant for Media Production tools added, “StormGeo Studio opens up a lot of possibilities for publishers, such as on-demand weather data for over the top (OTT) playouts, adaptive graphics across different devices and the possibility to offer regionalized weather data to their users and viewers.”

Andrew Heimbold, CEO at Singular.Live commented, “Our collaboration takes StormGeo’s data to a much wider audience than ever before in a fraction of the time. Singular does everything traditional graphics solutions cannot with frictionless ease-of-use via our scalable, cloud-based platform.”

Virtual demos of StormGeo Studio are now available—contact StormGeo for more information.

About StormGeo

StormGeo is a global provider of weather intelligence and decision support services, with leading solutions for shipping, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, cross industry and aviation. StormGeo’s products and services help clients manage risk, optimize performance, reduce costs and increase revenue. The company has 24 offices in 18 countries, including six 24/7/365 global operations centers. As a participant in the UN Global Compact for Sustainable Ocean Business, our passion for weather and the protection of natural resources motivates us to support our clients in making informed, environmentally responsible business decisions. For more information, visit stormgeo.com.

About Singular.Live

Singular is a next-gen Intelligent Overlay platform created by broadcast industry experts to be the new gold standard in live graphics and data presentation. Singular is cloud native, requires no dedicated hardware or software, and is quick and easy to set up and use. It is accessible from anywhere and compatible with the best complimentary 3rd party platforms and services. Singular starts where traditional tools stop, delivering a completely new affordable, frictionless experience for both content creators, owners and consumers. With Singular, Now You Can. singular.live