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Keep your vessel compliant with EU MRV, IMO DCS, Sea Cargo Charter, ESI, CSI and CCWG requirements through simple, trustworthy data reporting and validation. Manage garbage disposal, ballast water and other environmental hazards.

CO2 reporting IMO DCS v2
Key benefits

Keep fleet compliant

Implement best practice environmental compliance while reducing your carbon footprint and increasing corporate savings.

Automated data flows to verification bodies

s-Insight integrates with all third-party systems, providing secure communication and standardized data exchange to verification bodies.

Expert support from Fleet Performance Center

Our world-renowned customer support means you are assured of accurate data validation, analysis and emission-saving recommendations from our Fleet Performance Center, no matter the size of your undertaking.

Details & Specifications


Ready Environmental Performance Indicator 1

KPIs and Reporting

This module includes a complete set of environmental KPIs for emissions to air, garbage, sludge, bilge, sewage and slop, as well as a full EU MRV and IMO DCS module with emission report generation and continuous data quality monitoring to DNV GL rules.

Together with s-Insight | Log, CCWG, ESI and CSI reports can also be automatically produced. 

Ready Environmental Performance Indicator 2

Environmental Performance Indicators 

s-Insight | Environmental allows you to aggregate environmental performance indicators such as CO2, NOx, SOx emissions and efficiencies, transport work and EEOI for an individual ship or fleet.


Result Report for Sea Cargo Charter

s-Insight | Environmental Compliance gives you a detailed CO2 emission report needed to calculate your Climate Alignment required by the Sea Cargo Charter signatories. 

Follow this link for more information about Sea Cargo Charter.

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The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance. 

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