StormGeo Studio

StormGeo Studio offers weather intelligence and adaptive graphics that are combined into one cloud-based solution, providing expert weather content to media companies of all sizes.

By utilizing Singular.Live, an award-winning Intelligent Overlay graphics platform, StormGeo developed StormGeo Studio into a hybrid infrastructure that seamlessly integrates a variety of media workflows including broadcast, post, animation, news, and live events.

StormGeo Studio
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StormGeo Studio

StormGeo Studio

A cloud-based weather graphics and forecasting platform for media outlets.

Key benefits

Versatile weather data

For more than 30 years, StormGeo has provided weather forecasting and data intelligence on land, sea and air for various industries across the world.

Flexible and simple setup

StormGeo Studio integrates into your existing media workflows and is developed on open international standards for graphics, data flow, rendering and OTT playout.

Online scalable platform

The cloud and subscription-based package requires no upfront investment and lowers production costs.

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