Transform data into actionable insights to change the way your company plans for severe weather. 

StormGeo Vortex Insurance
Key benefits

Business decision guidance

Weather data paired with in-depth analysis of our expert meteorologists provides you with better data and decision guidance. 

Precise location information

Weather insights customized to specific PIF locations allow you to know exactly where your customers need support – ahead of time. 

Custom weather intelligence

Our data scientists collaborate with your team to create highly accurate predictive claims and damage models for your organization. 

StormGeo’s AWARE solution

Analysis of Weather and Risk Exposure

Optimize claims response

Optimize claims response

Assess potential claims volumes, average structure loss, and reserve requirements with each forecast update or observed storm impact. PIF spatial data and local property value data combined with StormGeo’s weather observation and forecast data will help inform policy decisions. Pre-position critical staff, prepare resources, and accurately show where to deploy adjusters to save time and expenses. 

Vortex US Weather Warnings v2

Transform data into actionable insights

Manage the risks from severe weather by integrating actionable weather data into your decision making. Receive advanced warning of incoming weather threats, review historical weather data and evaluate long-term future forecasts prior to making critical business decisions. Reduce loss, streamline processes and ensure greater customer satisfaction throughout each weather event. 

Vortex PIF GIS Data

Weather and risk exposure analysis 

Storm Impact Reports integrate PIF data with weather advisories and threats to identify areas at risk from severe weather, including tropical cyclones, hail and active fires. Observed Impact Reports analyzes maximum impact at all locations, not just weather stations. Right-size claims response based on weather conditions at each PIF location. 

Vortex 24 7 meteorolgists

Worldwide coverage with 24/7/365 support 

With StormGeo, your team is complemented by a group of seasoned experts who blend all available data sources into products you can trust. We operate seven 24/7/365 operations centers to provide broad global coverage with local expertise. 

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Supporting Solutions

Hurricane and Typhoon Forecasting

Interactive tropical storms and hurricane monitoring, tracking and impact analysis. 

Data Science

Bridging the gap between data, knowledge and process. 

StormGeo Vortex

Location and market specific weather forecasts and decision guidance.