Manage your ETS exposure and build an efficient EUA strategy by creating a validated data stream about your fleet's emissions.

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Key benefits

Maximize data quality

Get the most accurate data about your vessels’ emissions that are subject to ETS to support your decision-making and EUA trading strategy.


Streamline emissions reporting

Get emissions statement reports on-demand with validated emissions data for custom periods or voyages, to share with your stakeholders.

Optimize your EUA strategy

Assess your current and future EUA amounts and costs with a complete view of your emissions subject to ETS and carbon market price trends.

Details & Specifications

The StormGeo EU ETS solution enables you to build a validated data stream that helps you better understand your EU ETS exposure and save costs while achieving compliance. 

Voyage data reported onboard through s-Log, our reporting tool, are thoroughly checked for errors and flagged accordingly. As soon as reported data are correct, emissions that are subject to ETS are calculated and summarized in your ETS dashboard, to help you review, export, and share with your stakeholders.

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All-in-one Emissions Dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of your fleet's environmental performance related to EU ETS, with a wealth of data regarding fuel types, fuel consumption, emission factors applied, and a CO2 emission projection until end-of-year.

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Develop an efficient EUA strategy

Automatically generate the CO2 emissions subject to EU ETS to determine how many EUAs are required. Assess current carbon market prices and future trends to inform your EUA purchasing strategy. 

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Manage commercial aspects of EU ETS

Exclude off-hire periods as well as specific voyage legs from EU ETS calculations to get an accurate estimation of your exposure and better inform your decision-making.

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Generate your validated EU ETS Statement Report

Get your validated EU ETS data summarized in your Statement Report - on-demand or by schedule - to review and share with your internal and external stakeholders.

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Embed EU ETS in voyage planning

View the number of EUAs you will need for a specific voyage when planning to estimate the total costs, based on your own parameters.

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The full StormGeo s-Insight


s-Insight gives you the tools to manage the commercial, technical and environmental performance of your entire fleet. 

Work with StormGeo's world-leading Fleet Performance Center to validate and interpret your data throughout your voyage. Use our monthly/quarterly reports to see where you can cut costs and keep your fleet compliant. Or take advantage of our ad hoc investigation service.

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