Vessel Performance

Optimize your fleet and get the most out of each vessel with data you can rely on.

s-Suite gives you a full overview of voyage, hull and propeller, engine and systems performance to identify cost-saving measures. The Fleet Performance Center team will also validate and help you interpret your data ensure top fleet performance.

Key benefits

Fleet performance analytics

Comprehensive view that integrates voyage, hull and propeller, engine and systems performance to identify cost saving measures.

Ship-to-shore transparency

By sharing commercial and technical performance data on one platform, the crew onboard, fleet manager and operator can make joint decisions to optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Hardware independent

s-Suite works with all major systems on the shipping market. It integrates not only with our own systems but also with your own, as well as all third-party solutions.

Featured products
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s-Insight | Log

Keep track of event and snapshot data, incorporating manual and automatic aggregate crew and vessel insights into one data stream. 

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s-Insight | Technical

Identify cost-saving measures that integrate voyage, hull and propeller, engine, and systems performance through customizable dashboards, analytics, and reporting. 

s-Insight | Performance Center

Receive comprehensive and customizable fleet monitoring services along the voyage, complete with alerting, reporting, and ad hoc investigative services for efficiency and cost savings.

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s-Planner | Charts

Quickly select, buy, update and renew the Electronic Navigational Charts you need. Optimize your route for least fuel, least cost, required arrival time or least time. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of UKHO's ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

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s-Routing | Voyage Report

Objectively document ship performance relative to the terms of the Charter Party through independent environmental data.

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Hero Shipping Tier 1

Fuel and emissions saved with StormGeo *weather routing

2018 - today

Cars Sustainability MT fuel saved
House Lightbulb Sustainability MT CO2 saved

*This figure assumes an average 2.5% fuel reduction by weather routing (GloMEEP, [no date]; ICCT, 2011), 3:1 CO2 to fuel savings (Krantz, 2016), a fuel consumption of 30 MT per day and average speed of 12.5 kn per hour, and using annual averages of distance, days and fuel consumption per route.