Wildfire Risk Assessment

StormGeo’s Wildfire Risk Assessment safeguards your business from current and potential wildfires. Using StormGeo’s expert weather data, Wildfire Risk Assessment reports on a fire’s size, smoke and air quality, and forecasts the risk of a fire developing or spreading. 

Wildfire Risk Assessment StormGeo
Key benefits

Early detection of fire

Enables you to be proactive—deploying generators ahead of power shutoffs, setting up fire safety preparedness kits and pre-placing recovery crews.

Ensure health and safety

Closely monitor air quality and fire proximity to help you in making closure, evacuation or PPE decisions.

At-a-glance decision guidance

The interactive map shows which of your assets are most at-risk so you can quickly execute the right emergency response.

Core Features

Wildfire Risk Assessment looks at the three main risks for businesses: active fire risk, smoke risk and fire danger/public safety power shutoff risk. We identify the level of each (from slight to extreme risk) for each of your assets so you can quickly deploy your response.

Wildfire Summary Report

  • Forecast for active fire risk two days ahead
  • Current and forecasted smoke risk two days ahead
  • Current and forecasted fire danger/public safety power shutoff risk seven days ahead

Wildfire Detailed Report:

  • Forecasts on all the above
  • The meteorological data and insight used to calculate each risk level

Interactive Map: All relevant data is displayed on a map with the locations of your assets—giving you a clear picture that helps you make decisions accurately and fast.

See how Wildfire Risk Assessment can help protect your business.
Supporting Solutions

Warnings and Alerts

Protect assets and people with early, accurate severe weather monitoring and alerts.

Flooding, lightning, wind and snow can be major business disruptions for weather-sensitive operations. StormGeo provides site-specific monitoring and alerts to protect your assets and employees. Receive daily threat reports forecasting severe weather conditions, and user-defined color-coded alerts for imminent threats.