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Improve network reliability, mobilize faster restorations and keep field crews safe from any severe weather event with advanced weather intelligence and expert business guidance.

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Minimize the Impact of Severe Weather on Business Operations

This how-to guide was designed to help operational leaders minimize the impacts and safety risks caused by severe weather.

  • Learn how weather impacts your business operations
  • Implement the five steps to proactive response planning
  • Leverage weather intelligence to make critical business decisions
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Utilities are some of the most weather-sensitive organizations, regularly impacted by severe weather that wreaks havoc on power grids and threatens the safety of line crews.

Leading utilities use StormGeo to keep the lights on, maintain cellular communications, and provide critical services like water, wastewater, and natural gas delivery in the face of even the most severe weather events. We help utilities shape behaviors and processes that drive optimal response actions to weather risks by translating weather data into business impacts and appropriate risk response actions.

StormGeo Solutions are Trusted by 100+ North American Utility Companies
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Key Utilities Benefits

StormGeo helps utility companies take a proactive approach to maintenance, outage response, and crew safety with advanced weather intelligence, predictive analytics tools and direct business decision guidance. Leveraging StormGeo’s advanced tools and services can help even the most seasoned utility operator improve operations and mitigate service disruptions.

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Optimize Storm Response with Advanced Forecasting Capabilities

Service reliability is a critical component of maintaining the infrastructure customers rely on in their daily lives. Utilities must constantly monitor vulnerabilities and efficiently identify any threats to their power grids or networks. StormGeo’s advanced weather forecasting dashboards help utilities stay prepared for any weather threat.

  • Improve pre-storm planning with StormGeo’s Business Decision Guidance Dashboard and Asset Manager, which translates weather forecast data into actionable decision guidance through a suite of risk-response models calibrated specifically to each client.
  • Implement business value delivery models that translate weather conditions into business impacts and identify optimal response triggers and actions.
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Protect Crews and Reduce Downtime with Planning Dashboards and Alerts

Utility crews constantly face weather risks on the job, and weather delays can add hours of downtime maxing out crews before power is restored. StormGeo allows you to prioritize crew safety while maximizing manpower resources through advanced weather technology and alerts.

  • Protect field crews with accurate severe weather monitoring filtered to alerts that require immediate action based on the crew’s location.
  • Manage crews for thunderstorms and high wind risk to ensure quick service restoration with existing crew resources without exceeding mandatory hour limits.
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Streamline Scheduling, Asset Management and Maintenance

Utility resilience is directly tied to strategic asset maintenance. Whether planning vegetation management schedules or analyzing impacts on your reliability metrics, the weather has a direct impact on the lifespan of your system assets. StormGeo provides a data-backed approach to asset maintenance with predictive analytics tools.

  • Forecast equipment fatigue and predict grid weather reactions with user-friendly weather impact reports and analytics.
  • Improve vegetation management practices through satellite imagery and a machine-learning algorithm that identifies high-risk areas so that you can more efficiently allocate maintenance resources.
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24/7 Business Decision Guidance from Expert Meteorologists

Reduce decision uncertainty with direct access to StormGeo’s expert meteorologists. Available 24/7 the meteorological operations team will help you understand the nuances of the weather forecasts, provide guidance, and give you the confidence you need to execute your response plans and actions.

  • Implement business value delivery models that translate weather conditions into business impacts and identify optimal response triggers and actions.
  • Get 24/7 live briefings from expert meteorologists who understand the sensitivities of your business operations.
  • Stress-test your emergency response plans with mock weather scenarios and tabletop drills.
Maintain operations through all weather events. Request a walkthrough of the StormGeo Portal to see how.

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