Bunker Management

Streamline planning and procurement by managing the entire bunker workflow from a single view, with the most accurate market insights and full control over your data.

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Key benefits

Automate the tedious tasks

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual work by automating the most time-consuming tasks of your bunkering workflow, from planning and procurement to reporting.

Supercharge your strategy

Get AI-powered bunker plans, access real-time price updates, manage multiple enquiries for your vessels and report with accuracy, everything from a single dashboard.

Your data, your rules

Be confident that all your bunkering data are stored securely in our cloud-based infrastructure and remain under your ownership – no hidden terms and conditions.

Details & Specifications

Bunker Management combines advanced AI with deep people expertise to help shipping companies manage fuel costs, identify risks, increase transparency, and make decisions with confidence.

The platform is built by bunker professionals with years of experience in fuel management, while leveraging StormGeo’s advanced AI and ML algorithms to deliver a hybrid bunker optimization model, where people’s expertise works hand in hand with technology.


End-to-end fuel management

  • Manage offers and enquiries from suppliers, traders and brokers.

  • Track all transactional details through each order’s audit trail.

  • Create Stem confirmation and amendments from agreed terms automatically.

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Real-time market intelligence

  • Get access to live bunker prices in all major bunker ports.

  • Identify optimal bunkering plans based on your own parameters.

  • Calculate purchase benchmarks automatically.


Enhanced transparency & collaboration

  • View deal history with complete records of transactions.

  • Track, manage and verify enquiry/offer details from your audit log.

  • Upload and store your delivery documentation for easy access.


Customized reporting

  • Use advanced filtering to create custom views.

  • Export your preferred datasets in Excel format.

  • Get instant access to trends, ranking, benchmarking, accounting and purchasing reports.


Guaranteed data security & control

  • Keep your data secure with a single-tenant application.

  • Control access to your data with user permissions.

  • Connect with your own systems through API.

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