Arctic and Harsh Operations

We keep your operations safe and on track during the open season.

Whether you’re drilling in Arctic seas or laying cables in areas with varying ice conditions, our integrated information sources and satellite imagery will keep your operation safe and on track during the open season.

Key benefits

Safety of operations

Integrated information to show you the whole environmental and manage the risk of sea ice and icebergs.

Safety of crew

Collect SAR data of sea ice/icebergs from different sources in a timely manner and communicate the risk to personnel.

Contingency plan

Have a contingency plan in case of failure to get supporting data about sea ice.

Featured products

Iceberg monitoring and alerts

Information on Arctic weather and sea ice to clients using advanced satellite-mounted radar technology.

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Hero Shipping Tier 1

Fuel and emissions saved with StormGeo *weather routing

2018 - today

Cars Sustainability MT fuel saved
House Lightbulb Sustainability MT CO2 saved

*This figure assumes an average 2.5% fuel reduction by weather routing (GloMEEP, [no date]; ICCT, 2011), 3:1 CO2 to fuel savings (Krantz, 2016), a fuel consumption of 30 MT per day and average speed of 12.5 kn per hour, and using annual averages of distance, days and fuel consumption per route.