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Arctic and Harsh Operations

StormGeo will keep your operation safe and on track during the open season.

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We help you with:

Safety of Operations

Manage risk of sea ice and icebergs

Safety of Crew

Collect SAR data of sea ice/icebergs from different sources in a timely manner and be able to communicate the risk to personnel

Contingency Plan

Have a contingency plan in case of failure to get supporting data about sea ice.

Whether you’re drilling in Arctic seas or laying cables in areas with varying ice conditions, our integrated information sources and satellite imagery will keep your operation safe and on track during the open season.

From the time you start to plan your operation, we’ll give you integrated information to show you the whole environmental risk picture. Throughout your project, we’ll give you the weather decision support you need to keep your people, equipment and assets safe, and to optimize weather windows.

We’ll help you assess risks and make contingency plans related to special Arctic phenomena such as Polar lows, summertime fog, sea ice or icebergs.

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OceanWatch is a comprehensive domain that involves active data gathering and Metocean monitoring through the use of instrumentation in the field.

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