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On Demand Webinar:

How 3 Banks Safeguard Their People and Facilities from Weather

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A business’s most valued assets typically fall into two categories: facilities and people. When severe weather is threatening your locations, you want to be sure that you can quickly make smart business decisions to ensure the safety of your people and protect your facilities from damage. As an essential service, banks need to be last to close and first to open and must make tough choices about their daily operations during a weather emergency.

StormGeo asked three business continuity experts from the banking industry to share with us how they have handled preparedness throughout 2020 with record-breaking weather events and new challenges brought on by COVID 19:

  • Natalie Peranio, Vice President Business Resilience, First Horizon Bank
  • David Hamilton, Senior Vice President Facilities, Frost Bank
  • Kyle Puchta, Vice President, Incident Response, Workplace Safety, Regions Bank

 Some key takeaways from the panel discussion include:

  • Best practices and tools for responding to severe weather events
  • Key questions to ask when making business decisions before and during a weather event
  • Benefits of site-specific forecasts for facilities and people management
  • Ways that COVID has changed business continuity procedures

Courtland Keith, Industry Manager StormGeo, leads our panel in a discussion about how they approach weather preparedness, the benefits of site-specific forecasts for facilities and people management, and how they adjusted operations due to COVID.

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