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E-world energy & water 2024

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E-world 2024


February 2022, 2024

Energy & Power Markets - analysis, forecasts, experts

Energy and power markets are changing constantly.

So how does StormGeo assist our clients navigate the energy and power markets?

Our edge is in our approach:

✅To make the best decisions, there needs to be careful navigation and analysis.
✅By taking a power markets focus, we offer more extensive and specific solutions and services.
✅We combine advanced data, domain expertise, and actionable analysis into one service.
✅Allowing us to both forecast and activate this data for our clients.

Want to learn more, meet with our expert analysts at the upcoming E-world event on Feb 20-22.

For a limited time, we are offering qualified guests a two-week service (valued at $1000) free, as we are confident once you try our expert service you will trust us as a must-have decision-making partner.

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Find us at the Montel's #happystand

Expert StormGeo speaker schedule at the booth:

‘A weather outlook’ - Cecilie Villanger, Senior Meteorologist - 13:00 Feb 20 & 11:00 & 14:00 Feb 21

‘Super bearish market drivers, what's next’? - Sigurd Lie, Senior Analyst - 13:00 Feb 20 & 11:00 & 14:00 Feb 21

‘Innovative monitoring solutions for energy & power infrastructure’ - Christer Hansen Eriksen, Senior Project Lead - 14:00 Feb 20

‘Decision Support for weather-sensitive Offshore Wind projects ’ - Linn Olsen, Senior Manager - Energy - 13:00 Feb 21



Connect with StormGeo Experts at E-world
Arve Dahl Nielsen Arve Dahl Nielsen

Arve Dahl Nielsen

Senior Vice President Onshore, StormGeo

Sigurd P. Lie Sigurd P. Lie

Sigurd P. Lie

Senior Analyst, StormGeo Nena

Christer Hansen Eriksen Christer Hansen Eriksen

Christer Hansen Eriksen

Senior Project Lead, GridEyes

Christer Hansen Eriksen, drawing on over a decade of experience in the tech industry, presently holds a pivotal role as a leader in innovation projects at StormGeo. In this capacity, he channels his passion for delivering cutting-edge weather intelligence and advanced analytics, utilizing technology to offer crucial insights that address the pressing challenges posed by a changing climate.

With a keen eye on the intersection of technology and climate intelligence, Christer is committed to leveraging his wealth of experience to make a meaningful impact. His role at StormGeo allows him to play a vital role in providing actionable insights and solutions, contributing to the broader conversation on sustainability and environmental resilience.
Carolina Sola Carolina Sola

Carolina Sola

Sales Manager - Energy Markets

Lat Gassama Lat Gassama

Lat Gassama

Solution Sales Manager – Energy Market

Cecilie Villanger Cecilie Villanger

Cecilie Villanger

Business Devlopment Manager

Linn Berge Olsen Linn Berge Olsen

Linn Berge Olsen

Business Development Manager

Bengt Longva Bengt Longva

Bengt Longva

Senior Analyst

As a Senior Analyst of Energy & Power Markets, Bengt has been working in the power market since the mid-90s. Bengt has deep experience and knowledge in the Nordic and Continental power markets, including short and long-term analysis, as well as analysing connected markets such as gas, coal, and CO2 markets. For the last 10 years Bengt has focused on developing and running the short-term European power market analysis.
Mari Eggen Mari Eggen

Mari Eggen

Quant Energy Analyst

Katarina Andersen Katarina Andersen

Katarina Andersen

Energy Analyst

Michal Roublik Michal Roublik

Michal Roublik

Quant Energy Analyst

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SG power market reports 5

Our dedicated solutions provide a comprehensive set of analyses for the Nordic and European power market, offering fundamental reports across the short and medium term.

We use in-house developed models to analyze the impact of various factors, such as weather, hydrology, and power generation sources.

Our price prognoses are published daily for the most traded products, ranging from the day ahead to the next weeks, months, quarters, and years, with an hourly time resolution for all the price areas.


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