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On-demand webinar

Summer Weather and Power Market Dynamics

In this free webinar we reviewed the upcoming weather forecast, and the rest of 2023 price scenarios for Nordic and German Power markets, including:

  • Signals, trends, and uncertainties that could impact the energy landscape
  • German curve price impact from weather presented​
  • Record high Nordic production surplus
  • Coal, Gas and Asia​,​ among other subjects

Register now and secure your spot for this insightful webinar featuring StormGeo senior analyst Sigurd P. Lie, chief analyst Sigbjørn Seland, and meteorologist Maria Augutis. Gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead in the dynamic power market industry with StormGeo Nena. 

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Key Speakers

Sigurd P. Lie, Senior Analyst

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Sigbjørn Seland, Chief Analyst

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Maria Augutis, Meteorologist