Carbon Footprint Dashboard

StormGeo’s Carbon Footprint Dashboard provides a single source of all CO2 emissions data. It gives access to the analytics necessary to review the impact of implemented measures, identify corrective actions, and report on carbon intensity alignment with industry trajectories to internal and external stakeholders.

StormGeo Carbon Footprint Dashboard
Key benefits

Collate CO2 data

Gather all CO2 emission metrics in one place to monitor, analyze and review decarbonization status.

Visualize carbon footprint

Access numerous graphs and diagrams as pre-configured widgets to visualize the carbon footprint of all shipping activities. 

Identify best practices

Keep detailed track of CO2 emissions from daily vessel operational activities and identify best practices for carbon reduction.

Details & Specifications


StormGeo CO2 Dashboard widgets

Pre-configured Key CO2 widgets

The Carbon Footprint Dashboard displays pre-configured CO2 widgets, including: 

  • CO2 emissions
  • CO2 footprint per cargo unit
  • Transport work
  • CO2 intensity
  • CO2 intensity alignment
  • CO2 intensity per category alignment
  • CO2 reduction through non-conventional fuel
  • MRV CO2 emissions
StormGeo Customized filter assemblies

Customized filter assemblies

Provide customized filer assemblies to analyze CO2 metrics by: 

  • a specific period
  • vessel groups / departments
  • vessels
  • sister vessels
StormGeo CO2 Dashboard Company target

Display company targets for better monitoring

Allow setting up company targets in some widgets, which help to monitor the decarbonization status against the targets.

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