Alla Sapronova

Alla Sapronova

Lead Data Scientist, Bergen

Alla is responsible for the machine learning and data analysis of the USAA project for a leading American insurer. This project estimates the number of residential insurance claims across the U.S. related to weather, policies and other factors, such as demographic census information.

Alla’s story

“StormGeo employs people of different backgrounds with high expertise in various fields, and my team is a particularly great example of that. Working with this variety of expertise means I'm constantly learning, and I really enjoy that.”

Alla has been involved with the fields of machine learning and data science since 2009. She helped create Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AI/ML) solutions in the renewable energy sector, specifically for electricity consumption prediction and forecasting. Her work has also been used in industries such as fishing, shipping and logistics, as well as in the health sector and for fish farming biology.

In 2018, she received funding from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) as the inventor and primary investigator of two digitization and data science innovations for fish farming and renewable energy. This was the second time she received support from the RCN for innovations within the fish farming sector.

“I’m enjoying working in a cross-disciplinary environment for engineering and data exploration,” says Alla. “I love getting insight from data and then planning the information flow starting from data acquisition to communicating the model’s output to customers.”

Alla keeps abreast of current mathematical advances in the optimization of machine learning. She is fascinated by how data science and machine intelligence is penetrating deeper into society, helping people make better decisions, reducing workloads and enhancing the security of operations. “I’m interested in understanding the dynamics of trust development between human and intelligent machines,” she adds.


  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • Data Analysis
  • Big data
  • Information Flow
  • Decision Support


PhD in Physics and Mathematics from M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University

Publications (most recent)

Alla Sapronova, Vladimir Bystrov, Machine learning application for molecular modeling at nanoscale: a current state and the way forward. Accepted for presentation at the joint IEEE ISAF-EMF-ICE-IWPM-PFM meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 2019.

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