Christiania Shipping Adopts StormGeos CII Simulator1

Christiania Shipping Adopts StormGeo’s CII Simulator

Nov 9, 2022

The Danish ship owner and charterer Christiania Shipping signs with StormGeo to improve its environmental performance and decarbonize its operations with CII simulations.

The specialized chemical ship owning and chartering company Christiania Shipping currently operates 20 vessels and has positioned itself as a leading trade niche player with operations in Europe, West Africa, and the Mediterranean. Eager to improve the environmental performance of its fleet and stay compliant with industry regulations even before they start in 2023, the company added StormGeo’s CII Simulator to its fleet performance management toolbox in June 2022.

Christiania Shipping already leverages StormGeo’s s-Insight | Log reporting tool for onboard data collection, automated ship-to-shore reporting systems, and comprehensive dashboards. With StormGeo’s CII Simulator, the company expands its capabilities, having a flexible and actionable tool to collaborate on operational deployment and achieve desirable CII ratings.

With StormGeo's CII Simulator, Christiania Shipping is already able to monitor the compliance status for an entire year and forecast next year's CII ratings based on potential future deterioration. The simulations easily reveal any deterioration that indicates the need for vessel retrofits or major vessel conversions, should operational measures prove insufficient.

“StormGeo is excited to have Christiania Shipping onboard and provide the tools they need to ensure regulatory compliance and reach their decarbonization targets,” says Espen Martinsen, VP of Sales at StormGeo. “We have long experience helping shipping companies improve their environmental performance and now offer a user-friendly solution that can help drive the green agenda in the shipping industry even further.”

The CII Simulator not only allows the user to monitor the current CII performance of the vessel, but it also allows the user to simulate different operational scenarios. The CII simulator is part of the Environmental Performance Module in StormGeo’s s-Insight, a world-leading fleet performance management solution that ensures vessel compliance and provides simple, trustworthy data reporting systems.

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s-Insight | Log

Keep track of event and snapshot data, incorporating manual and automatic aggregate crew and vessel insights into one data stream.

s-Insight | Environmental Performance

Monitor the environmental impact on emissions, improve the environmental performance, and keep the fleet compliant with decarbonization regulations and initiatives through simple, trustworthy data reporting and validation.

s-Insight | CII Simulator

Get a complete understanding of the commercial impact of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) with StormGeo's CII Simulator. As an integral feature of the CII Dashboard, the simulator enables you to compute and project the impact of CII ratings based on modifiable parameters.

Our CII Simulator provides a flexible, powerful, and actionable tool for owners and operators to collaborate on operational deployment and achieve desirable CII ratings.