• Supporting Shipping Decarbonization for a Greener Future
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Supporting Shipping Decarbonization for a Greener Future

Decarbonization is on everyone’s lips in the shipping industry, as increasingly stringent regulations aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity from ships. Offering a range of products for improved environmental performance, StormGeo takes a leading position in the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

The shipping industry is quickly transforming and reshaping for a decarbonized future following the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) goals of reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity from ships by 50% and 70%, respectively.

StormGeo actively supports the shipping industry in decarbonizing its operations and complying with the latest environmental regulations through streamlined emissions tracking, trustworthy data reporting, and advanced digital tools.

Here, we highlight some of our most important tools and solutions for enabling decarbonization in shipping.

CII Simulations for Improved Environmental Performance

In 2022, StormGeo launched a first-to-market CII Simulator. The new tool simulates carbon vessel intensity by presenting a complete view of the CII rating and its commercial impact, helping shipowners and operators efficiently decarbonize their operations, remain compliant, and stay competitive.

The CII Simulator was created through feedback from shipowners and ship operators and provides a flexible, powerful, and actionable way to collaborate on operational deployment and achieve desirable CII ratings.

With the help of digital technology, such as the CII Simulator, shipowners and operators can optimize their environmental performance and develop a competitive advantage in the market.

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Energy Management Solutions for Vessel Performance Monitoring

StormGeo’s s-Insight Technical is another solution helping shipping companies decarbonize their operations. The module monitors vessel performance conditions using an energy management approach and measuring propeller and hull conditions, fuel efficiency, and engine operating models. As a result, shipping companies can save fuel and reduce emissions by making smarter and more informed decisions.

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Strategic Power Routing for Reduced Fuel Consumption

Traditional route optimization focuses on safety, time, and distance. StormGeo improves this optimization model by offering Strategic Power Routing, a service that optimizes vessel efficiency by sailing on constant power, resulting in less fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Strategic Power Routing enables vessels to maintain constant power under safe conditions, optimize fuel consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the voyage by adjusting revolutions per minute (RPM) based on track and weather forecasts. Strategic Power Routing, then, provides not only the best route but also the best speed according to weather conditions and the vessel’s characteristics, ultimately helping shipping companies improve their environmental performance. The service even includes a free ROI report after each voyage detailing the routing advisory provided during a specific time period and the associated fuel and emissions savings.

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Innovating for a Greener Future in Shipping

StormGeo helps its shipping clients navigate a changing environment by unlocking the value of their data and providing active guidance and decision support to reduce vessel fuel consumption and emissions.

This places us at the heart of two of the strongest trends in the 21st century: climate change and digitalization. And we are always innovating, making sure that we deliver top-notch digital solutions to help the shipping industry navigate toward a greener future. The shipping industry will see more innovative, digital solutions for decarbonization in the coming years.

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